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At 马会论坛's Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, we're surrounded by smart, talented and inspired students just like you who receive individual attention and professional guidance from expert faculty members who also happen to be active artists, musicians and performers.


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Find Your Passion at Webster

鈥淲ebster really takes pride in working with the pros. You make great connections, great friends and other artists who have the same goal as you.鈥

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Gio Bakunawa

BA, Directing, '18

Next Step for Admission

Applying to the College of Fine Arts

Each of our Fine Arts departments has additional steps as part of the admission process. After you have submitted your to 马会论坛, you may request an audition/interview time or schedule a portfolio review. Dates and expectations for each are included on the department's audition/portfolio review admissions page.

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