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Sharpen Your Filmmaking Skills With a Video Production Degree

Turn your passion into a purpose with Webster鈥檚 Film, Television and Video Production degree. Learn the process of filmmaking in its entirety, dissecting masterpieces and crafting your own narratives, such as fictional epics, poignant documentaries, memorable commercials and television series that captivate hearts.

Our award-winning faculty members honed their skills in all facets of film production for networks and studios, including, Netflix, A24, Adobe, SIGGRAPH, HBO, Sundance, Universal, Microsoft, PBS and The Discovery Channel. They will be your mentors, pushing you to reach your full potential, frame by frame.

You will master the tools that shape cinematic dreams into reality. Shoot stunning visuals with professional cameras, experiment with lighting setups and even master classic film equipment. Engage in industry-standard software 鈥 Adobe Premiere, After Effects and more.

With this degree, you will graduate with the confidence, the network and the technical finesse to succeed in a filmmaking career.


A group of students utilize various film and video production technology.


Choose Webster for Film, Television and Video Production

Ranked in Top 50 Best Colleges in Film and Photography in the U.S.

Film production at 马会论坛 is considered one of the nation's leading programs 鈥 ranked 40th by for film and photography, as well as 2nd in Missouri for Best Film, Video and Photographic Arts Schools by . Webster's hands-on approach has earned a reputation for excellence and prepares students for a successful career in the filmmaking industry.

Utilize Industry-Leading Software and Equipment

The School of Communications complex houses a state-of-the-art media production and education facility that includes unique, first-in-the-region technologies and capabilities for filmmaking. Studio facilities include an audio and video production/recording suite, sound stage, workshop space, photography studio, gallery, animation, game design and video post-production labs, as well as flexible teaching spaces.

Gain Hands-On Experience

As you complete your Film, Television and Video Production degree, you will explore how people, concepts and technology come together to create the captivating images we see on screen. Develop a thorough understanding of on-set roles through projects and practicums designed to give you professional experience in video and television production. You will acquire skills applicable to various media, mastering both traditional and digital filmmaking. Engage in practical projects to specialize in areas like directing, producing, cinematography, editing, animation or visual effects as you progress through the curriculum.


[Music begins, lasts through the entire video with the occasional voiceover.]

Text on screen: 马会论坛

Text on screen: What does it take to get here?

[The Webster logo and text fade into a video clip of an interview being filmed in front of a green screen. The clip freezes to highlight the outline of one person.]

Text on screen: Kara Paar, Video Major

[An interview in different angles of a student in the program.]

Student 1: I've always wanted to make movies and I'd always watch the credits and I'd be like, 鈥淗ow can I just be one of those names?鈥 I never knew. I didn't know; I thought that was for someone else and that that was impossible. Pretty much as soon as I walked on campus, I knew this is where I needed to be.

[The interview angles is replaced by a clip of a sign on 马会论坛 campus and switches back to interview angles of multiple other students.]

Student 2: You have to want to do it.

Student 3: I'm constantly on set, student films.

[A series of brief clips showcasing different pieces of video production, including filming, audio recording and editing.]

Student 1: If you're an editor, get some projects to edit. If you're a graphics artist, just do graphics; cameraperson -- go out and shoot. It's all about honing your skills, learning the ins and outs of the industry. Aaron actually cared whether I came. He cared whether I got something out of it.

[Various footage clips of a professor working with students, lecturing and demonstrating techniques with technology or computers.]

Aaron AuBuchon: For me, the goal is to turn out students that are capable of making their dreams come true.

[An interview shot of Aaron AuBuchon replaces the clips.]

Text on screen: Aaron AuBuchon, Associate Professor, Film, Television and Video Production

And so what I try to bring to the classroom is the understanding of what it took to get me there and hopefully will then create a bridge to get them there.

[The interview ends, more clips of the professor teaching or students working together begin.]

Student 1: What you're being equipped with is the ability to learn more.

[A series of interview shots of multiple students, spliced between a clip of various students clapping and watching something on a television.]

Student 4: My first internship was with Bad Dog Pictures.

Student 1: I'm in an internship right now with SPI Media Production Group.

Student 4: Overall, the internship really helps you just be more confident in what you're doing.

AuBuchon: It is magical. It feels like magic. They've been watching this stuff their whole lives and they've read about it, but they haven't done it.

[More footage of the same interview being filmed in front of a green screen has text appear on top.]

Text on screen: This is what it takes.

And there's a moment in every student I work with where it clicks.

[Music gets louder as the speaking ends, with the outro advertising other academic opportunities in the School of Communications. The music fades away as the screen also fades to black.]


Kinematifest Film Festival

Kinematifest, a student initiative at 马会论坛, aims to inspire and innovate student artists through motion pictures. The festival highlights rising filmmakers and animators, providing a platform for students to present their work and engage with the community.

With independent films and animation, professional speakers and local companies, we provide a day full of exploration and entertainment in the world of film. The festival focuses on competitive success, inspiring creativity, and building a strong community network across nine categories: documentary, comedy, drama, horror, experimental, music videos, experimental animation, animated shorts and animated clips.

Miles Minnaar
Webster Collaboration

鈥淚 enjoy the collaborative, head-down approach that the Webster film community employs. There are hidden gems within the program, so the competition is incredible and healthy.鈥

Miles Minnaar
Miles Minnaar

BA in Film, Television and Video Production, '20

What Can You Do with a Degree in Video Production?

Webster鈥檚 Film, Television and Video Production alumni are a testament to what you can do with this degree. Our alumni have worked on films and TV shows, including:

  • "Manchester by the Sea"
  • "Moonrise Kingdom"
  • "The Bourne Ultimatum"
  • "Spider-Man 2"
  • "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
  • "Late Night with Seth Meyer"
  • "The Ghost Who Walks"

Their works have been shown on diverse platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, TLC, Disney, Hallmark Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, ESPN, Marvel Studio, Sundance, Fox Network and more.

Job Outlook for Film and Television Production Graduates

In a world hungry for captivating content, the demand for skilled filmmakers is soaring. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a of film/video editors and/or camera operators from 2022 to 2032. In this growing and competitive industry, Webster not only equips you with robust technical skills but also provides access to a vast global network, ensuring you're well-prepared to seize exciting opportunities across diverse sectors of the entertainment world.

Three students film with a camera and watch the playback on a screen.

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Three students film with a camera and watch the playback on a screen.

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