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Inspire Learning With Webster鈥檚 Education Studies Degree

Inspire learning in classrooms, conference rooms and community centers around the world with Webster鈥檚 Bachelor of Education Studies degree (BEd).

In the Education Studies program, you will delve into philosophy, sociology and psychology to understand how they weave into the fabric of effective learning. Additionally, you will learn to design inclusive curriculum that embraces cultural nuance and celebrates diversity, as well as seamlessly integrate science and technology, while forging meaningful connections with your local and global communities.

Our BEd degree opens a world of possibilities, like:

  • Create vibrant learning environments, empowering communities through workshops, training programs and literacy initiatives.
  • Shape young minds in formal and informal education settings.
  • Develop engaging online learning experiences that transcend borders.
  • Craft curriculum that empowers every learner to reach their full potential.


A student teacher attends and takes notes at a Teacher Practicum.


Choose Webster for Your BEd in Education Studies Degree

Build Your Global Teaching Toolbox

The Bachelor of Education Studies (BEd) at 马会论坛 equips you to empower diverse learners to thrive in our interconnected world. Put your learning into practice in new cultural settings with study abroad opportunities and our global campus network.

Engage in a Specialized Curriculum

Dive into the psychology of learning, master modern classroom technologies and learn the art of effective communication. Then test your theories in real-world research and internships, where you will develop skills that go beyond textbooks.

Designed for Informal Education

Pursue your love of teaching and learning outside of a traditional classroom 鈥 our Education Studies degree does not lead to initial teaching certification. Our BEd is designed for anyone who is passionate about teaching and learning and likes to work with people to help them develop knowledge and skill for professional growth in their career.

Justin DeKock
Hear From a Recent Graduate

鈥淭he BEd program effectively prepared me for my current work, namely through the internship required to earn the degree. Through this internship, I received valuable insight into the planning and project process that I now use daily in my work.鈥

Justin DeKock
Justin DeKock

Bachelor of Education Studies, '22

Program Spotlight



Text on screen: Program Spotlight: Education Studies (BEd)

Text on screen: Justin D., Bachelor of Education Studies, 鈥22

Justin D.: At a high level, I'd say the Bachelor of Educational Studies is a degree for anyone who may have a passion in the way people learn and how to effectively use traditional and nontraditional principles of education.

[Image of laptop with text that reads: The BEd prepares students to utilize teaching principles in a broad range of workplaces.]

I think the faculty did a great job kind of fostering discussion and fostering a critical thinking culture. You know, I got all the essential principles that that any teacher would need, along with how teaching and learning may play into lives outside of a traditional school setting.

Text on screen: Small, interactive classes: Building skills for professional growth

[Footage of flags on campus that read 马会论坛 and Webster Values Students]

One of the things I mean, I loved the most about Webster was kind of the emphasis on discussion in classes and tons of critical thinking goes into what I do. I mean, I'm training people every single day, you know, telling them what I do, what's going on with these projects. I think educational studies with great job kind of preparing me for that and giving me the tools I need to be successful.

Text on screen: Internship Experience: Applying Knowledge in Real-World Settings

I would definitely say the internship was transformative for me. It was my first experience working in kind of an office setting. I learned kind of how to work with a professional team. I learned how to kind of take all of the, the skills and knowledge that I had learned over the past four years, kind of translate those to a professional setting.

Text on screen: Teaching Happens Everywhere: Inside and Outside School Settings

There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained from this degree. And I mean, I would say anybody considering getting their education in education, I would say know that this degree is here for people like me who may not have that drive to be kind of a traditional educator but are still passionate in the idea of education.

Text on screen: The BEd is not a teacher certification program. It consists of coursework that allows you to pursue your love of teaching outside traditional classrooms.

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[Music fades out]

What Can You Do with an Education Studies Degree?

Our BEd degree focuses on global education. You will begin to understand your own, personal educational philosophy and the program will equip you with methods to teach in both formal and informal educational settings. This degree might be for you if you want to:

  • Develop employee training schedules for your organization.
  • Design training modules in your workplace to promote employee growth and professional development.
  • Teach or train diverse groups of people or stakeholders in person or online.
  • Create engaging learning environments within your local community or abroad.

Job Outlook for Education Studies Degree Graduates

Jobs related to teaching and training have a positive outlook, with growth and endless possibilities. Relevant teaching and training jobs expected to grow 6% over the next decade, according to the  (BLS).

In addition, the possibilities for Education Studies graduates are endless. For example, can instruct in a wide variety of areas, such as auto repair, healthcare and culinary arts. The training and development industry is also a possibility.


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