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Effective business operations depend on strong collaboration among marketing, finance, information systems and beyond 鈥 even across international borders. That鈥檚 why skilled managers who understand the value of strategic relations are in high demand in every industry. Earn an MBA "your way" at 马会论坛 and get the education you need for a broad business perspective.

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Earn an MBA Degree Your Way

At Webster, you have flexible learning options to help you balance work and life while you expand your professional horizons. Whether following a full- or part-time schedule, you can attend classes on one of our campuses, complete an online MBA degree from anywhere, or enjoy the best of both worlds. You鈥檒l also choose from a standard Master of Business Administration or specialize your degree with one of the following emphases:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Health Administration
  • Information Technology Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

No matter your path, you鈥檒l take part in small classes that enable personal interaction with our world-renowned faculty, while you build competencies for business and personal effectiveness.

And our MBA program is designed for working adults who need program flexibility. Individuals who take one class every nine-week term without interruption will complete the program in approximately 30 months or 2 1/2 years. Individuals taking more than one class per term will finish sooner. The program can be completed in as little as 18 months for individuals taking two classes every nine weeks without interruption.


Sammy Rammaha
Student Perspective

鈥淢y master's degree will not only change my world 鈥 but the lives of those around me 鈥 by allowing me to lead with a purpose to inspire others to reach their potential.鈥

Sammy Rammaha
Sama Rammaha

MBA, '22

Choose Webster for a Master's Degree in Business Administration

Graduate From an Accredited and Nationally Ranked MBA Degree

Our MBA program regularly places on regional and national lists, and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Build Diverse Personal and Professional Competencies

Our Master of Business Administration was carefully crafted to ensure you develop essential competencies for today鈥檚 workforce. Enhance your resume with skills in 18 business and nine personal effectiveness areas that make you an attractive candidate.

Fit Your Lifestyle with Flexible Attendance Options

Personalize your path to an MBA at Webster with in-person classes or a hybrid, "flipped classroom" option for hands-on learning. You may also choose a completely online MBA degree 鈥 with live stream or recorded instruction 鈥 for true convenience.

Expand Your Professional Network

Take advantage of Webster鈥檚 relationships with corporate partners, as well as professional networking events to make connections that will benefit your career with a Master of Business Administration.

Take Your Learning Global

What is an MBA degree without real-life education in a global economy? At Webster, we offer a unique international experience that includes a one-week trip another country, such as Austria, China or Greece. Extend your studies at one of our campus locations around the world and build an international network.

Earn a Dual Degree for a Greater Competitive Edge

For each emphasis for Webster鈥檚 MBA degree, we offer additional subject area expertise. We also offer dual degree options that pair an MBA with other master鈥檚 degrees, such as Health Administration, Environmental Management, Finance or Science Management and Leadership, among other choices.

MBA Program Spotlight

Steve Hinson
About Our Program

鈥淲e really focus on teaching people how to learn on their own. Our students continue learning as their careers progress.鈥

Steve Hinson
Steve Hinson

MBA Program Director


[Music begins and continues through the entire video.]

Text on screen: WEBSTER UNIVERSITY PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Text on screen: Steve Hinson, MBA Program Director

[Footage of Steve Hinson being interviewed.]

Steve Hinson: The whole curriculum is about value creation, even beginning from the very first course, which is titled Value Creation.

Text on screen: VALUE CREATION

Every course needs to point toward the same goal.

[Lengthy montage of photos with various students learning.]

The marketing class you take, that's all about creating value for customers. In finance, we're talking about how we create value for shareholders, how we measure value. In the capstone, we're looking at how we measure value more broadly, how is it affecting workers, the environment, and of course, how is it affecting the bottom line?

[Another montage, but with unique stock photos intertwined with pieces of Hinson鈥檚 interview.]

For a classic MBA program, what you 鈥 what you typically find, the courses were very siloed. The finance class really has nothing to do with your marketing class or your work behavior class. And then it's really up to the student after they finish the MBA program to try to integrate this knowledge and figure out how all these pieces fit together.

Having this thematic approach to the program makes the program a lot more coherent.

Text on screen: One global MBA program, MULTIPLE MODALITIES

[Images depicting logging into Webster鈥檚 Connections or scrolling Webster鈥檚 website on various platforms such as on a laptop or a smart phone.]

We've actually developed all of the course content upfront, so every student is interacting with that online content, and 马会论坛, no matter what the modality.

[A third montage of students studying in different locations mixed with more sections of Hinson鈥檚 interview shot.]

We offer the MBA program in three modalities now. We offer the traditional on ground.

Text on screen: 1. In Person

We offer classes by Zoom, what we call WebNet+. And then we offer fully online classes, which are completely asynchronous classes.

Text on screen: 3. Fully Online

[Another montage of students learning, studying or talking and professors teaching with Hinson鈥檚 interview in between shots.]

Regardless of the modality you choose at 马会论坛, everyone shares the same course content. We've got this really robust platform. We designed it very carefully with the instructional designers. It's very accessible. Go online, you learn it, engage with it, and then come to class, let鈥檚 talk about it.

Text on screen: A diverse network of PRACTITIONER FACULTY

Really, what class is about, is the three Cs. We are coming for clarification, for context and for collaboration.

Text on screen: clarification, context, collaboration

Our faculty add context, helping students understand the applicability of the knowledge. The instructor is a subject matter expert. We'll make it make sense, but hopefully we can get passed that pretty quickly because the real value to you is that we provide the context:

How does this apply to my job? How does this apply to what I'm reading? How does this apply to companies I know and experiences as both consumer or as an employee? Really understand how this applies in the real world, so that how it applies for you.

Text on screen: An innovative approach to BUSINESS EDUCATION

[The photos and interview shot montage continues.]

What a business does is it takes existing resources and combines them to create something of greater value. We鈥檙e creating value for our customers, creating value for owners and we're creating value for all the other relevant stakeholders.

And everything always points toward that singular purpose. If you're interested in getting an MBA, you're trying to figure out how can I gain a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge very quickly so that I can speed up my career trajectory.

All the courses are really focused on how does business and the activities of business all coordinate with each other synergistically to create value for all of these relevant stakeholders so that no matter where you are in the organization, we want you to be able to see: Okay, how do I fit in? Why do I exist? What it is that I'm trying to accomplish? What are we trying to accomplish together?

[Music swells as the montage ends. The background changes to blue with several photos of 马会论坛 buildings, and a layer of the ACBSP logo on top.]

Text on screen: Proudly accredited by ACBSP, Global Business Accreditation



Have Confidence Receiving an Accredited Education

Our Walker School of Business & Technology is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), an organization dedicated to improving the quality of business schools and programs around the world, and ultimately, to improving the practice of business in every industry.
ACBSP Accreditation Badge

What Can You Do with an MBA Degree?

As a graduate of Webster鈥檚 Master's in Business Administration program, you鈥檒l be prepared to create value in an environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework used by modern organizations. You鈥檒l also gain many competencies that allow you to identify and evaluate opportunities, create implementation plans, manage business processes and provide decision support, in addition to critical leadership skills, like effective communication, collaborative work, efficient organization, independent learning, creative problem solving, systematic and probabilistic thinking and analytical decision making.

Potential Jobs with MBA Degree Credentials

Since Webster offers 10 areas of emphasis, as well as 12 dual degree options, you have many career possibilities with a Master鈥檚 in Business Administration. With the skills you need to create and add value through ideas and solutions, an in-person or online MBA can help you launch or advance your career or even carve your own career path. Job titles for individuals with a Webster MBA are virtually limitless. Webster MBA alumni have positions such as:

  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Director of Cybersecurity
  • IT Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Vice President
  • Human Resources Manager

MBA Salary Information

Jobs for managers and chief executives are expected to increase by over one million new positions by the year 2030, according to the . Because these jobs span every sector, salary expectations are wide ranging. In 2021, median wages were $102,000 for managers and $179,000 for executives.

Enhance your standing as you apply for these new jobs and increase your chances of earning top wages when you complete an MBA at Webster.


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